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Timeless Truth Bright Translucent Radiance Mask

Superfine mask by Timeless Truth is made with luxurious ultra-long cellulosic fiber from 100% cotton linter suitable for the most sensitive skin. Because only the cleanest, purest part of the cotton can compliment your delicate, precious face.

Formulated with snail mucus extract with highly effective repair mechanism as well as Baobab tree extract for its outstanding hydrating performance, the Snail Extract Derm Revival Mask helps retain skin’s resilience, for a newborn-like skin that is supple and elastic.


Timeless Truth Bright Translucent Radiance Mask

Cleanse your face thoroughly. Open the sachet and unfold the face mask and remove the white protective film. Apply the face mask on with the blue protective film still attached (blue side facing out)

Adjust the mask to perfectly fit the contours of your face, then remove the the remaining blue protective film. Leave for 10-15 minutes. Remove mask and do not rinse skin. Any excess product left in the sachet apply to neck and décolleté.


Pro Tip: Pop your sheet mask in the fridge 15-20minutes before use.


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