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How to transition your skincare routine for the winter months ahead

As we move into the winter months it’s important to understand how your skincare routine effects your complexion. That’s why we’re going to help you shift your routine to focus on your winter skincare.

Cold weather can often leave your complexion chronically parched and sensitised. Here at MySkincare we are going to share with you some tips and tricks to help reveal brighter, hydrated and more comfortable skin throughout the winter months this year. Switching to heavier moisturisers, face oils, hydrating sprays and masks will help balance out any dryness and dehydration.

MySkincare top favourites include:

  • Image Vital C Hydrating Face Oil
  • Alumier Recovery Balm Moisturiser
  • DMK Herbal Mineral Spray 
  • Image Ormedic Lip Balm

Layer Layer Layer

Think of layering your skincare like you would layer your clothes for Winter. You put the lightest layers on first, building up to your thicker more protective layer or jacket! The exact same rules apply to skincare, starting with the lightest texture and progressing to thicker consistencies.

Winter Skincare Masks and Hydrating Sprays

Including a face mask 1-2 really can give your skin that much needed extra boost. They will deeply cleanse, hydrate, reduce redness and even out your skin tone. Giving your skin a “spritz o clock” throughout the day with a hydrating spray is our favourite way to add moisture when we’re super busy and on the go. Simply spray throughout the day as often as you need over or under your makeup, this is really beneficial as we rank up the heating in our homes and offices which can often lead to water loss within our skin.

Winter Skincare SPF and Lip Care

Keep chapped lips at bay and make sure you are using a nourishing lip balm throughout the colder months. Exfoliating lips once a week using a lip scrub is a quick and effective way to smooth out any dead skin cells that may be leaving your lips feeling tight & flaky. SPF is equally as important to use in the winter as it protects our skin against UVA and UVB rays (rays we can see & rays we cant see) on a daily basis. This really is key to the anti ageing process and by using a high SPF all year round protects our skin from sun & environmental damage. Winter months are often most popular with skiers in colder climates so remember to reapply every 3 hours. If you are hitting those slopes even if the sunshine isn’t present. Remember a tanned skin is a damaged skin – and nobody wants that!!

Hydrate and Nourish From The Outside

Drinking plenty of water and eating a well balanced diet will help feed your skin cells from the inside out. But nowadays, with many factors including food being overly processed, overly cooked and not readily available in certain seasons, taking a skin specific skincare supplement will ensure your are getting maximum nutrients specifically designed to help with your overall cell function keeping skin well balanced and healthy.