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Our top three MySkincare hero @HOME devices

MySkincare@HOME is a luxury range of high end skincare devices. It helps you attain or enhance each and every skincare routine, all in the comfort of your own home. Our MySkincare Devices will change your home beauty regime and enhance all of your needs.

The MySkincare brand is brought to you by Karan Burke, an award-winning Irish Beauty Therapist, Beauty Tutor and Industry leader. 

Across Karan’s three locations her team consists of more than 24 hair, skincare & beauty fanatics, who together with Karan, have pooled all their expertise to bring clients results to a whole new level. 

Karan has sourced the most advanced skincare devices, boosting the latest technology for all skin types. She is excited to offer them to clients, under the one brand; the MYSKINCARE brand. 

We believe that together, with your determination and our expert advice along with our dedication to our clients, we can obtain the glowing healthy skin that you have always wished for. 

Our Motto

Our motto is simple, “Life is full of beauty. Notice it.” When it comes to your skin, we are passionate about what we do. We have a team of experts and their passion would restore the deepest frown line. Our team want to help you to achieve the ‘YOU’ that you always wanted to be by using our recommended MySkincare devices along with your favourite products, to create the most rewarding self care habits. We create routines that our clients fall in love with and truly enjoy practising daily. We carry a range of high end brands across our skin clinics. Our team are passionate about what active ingredients are in the brands as opposed to who and which brand it is. 

We Launched our MySkincare @HOME range to encourage our clients to get the most out of their products at home and to ensure they were using these products correctly at home. Would you believe over 70% of people don’t know how to cleanse their face correctly? Our MySkincare @ HOME cleansing brush has increased our clients habits to double cleanse daily. Cleanse for 2 mins to ensure all the active cleansers have been removed properly and the skin is prepped and ready for serums and creams.

Let me introduce you to our Top three hero MySkincare @ HOME collection.

MySkincare PRO Hydration Facial Steamer

MySkincare @HOME Pro Facial Steamer is a professional device, what makes our steamer different to other facial steamers on the market? It has an ionic skin generator built in, this converts the water to nano-sized steam particles that deeply penetrate the skin, effectively cleansing and decongesting the pores whilst removing dead skin cells to brighten the complexion. 

Indulge yourself with professional steam treatment at home, our steamer hydrates and purifies the skin. Use for just 10 minutes at a time and as a result you will notice a more dewy, smooth complexion!  An ideal way to begin any MySkincare @HOME facial, Pro Facial Steamer enhances any skin care regimen. As well as priming the skin for exfoliation, the steam will help with deeper penetration of products. 

MySkincare Devices – Facial Cleansing Brush

MySkincare Facial Cleansing Brush is a 3 speed settings, battery operated wireless home cleansing system. We recommend you add this device into your cleansing routine. Electrical Facial brushes have been around for years and have been proven to cleanse the skin up to six times more deeply and effectively, than using hands alone or any beauty cloth. 

They are designed to remove make-up, improve skin tone & refine pores. This battery operated device is charged to last 1 full week, if it’s used daily for 90 seconds. 

It comes with a drying stand, so you can have it to hand each morning. This unit is water resistant and can be used daily. 

Our facial brush has the option to change heads for a deeper cleanse or to remove dead skin cells. There is a silicone head for more sensitive skin types and a massage head for some relaxation at home. 

This facial @ HOME brush is ideal to adapt into the most basic skin routine or the most advanced skincare routine making them a must-have beauty gadget for any skincare lover or teen with spots concerns. This little beauty will ensure they are cleansing properly.

MySkincare Devices – Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Reusable and Fast Makeup Removal: Our MySkincare eco-friendly reusable makeup remover pads can quickly remove makeup, from eyes to lips. Because of the bamboocotton material (Composition: organic bamboo cotton), it can absorb 100% of lipstick, mascara, etc., which can clean the skin more thoroughly than traditional cotton pads. 16 makeup removers pad is equivalent to 1,000 disposable makeup wipes, pads or cotton balls. This is all you need to effectively remove your makeup and help to reduce the waste from the use of non disposables. 

Clean Thoroughly: Our organic makeup remover cotton pads have 2 layers of organic cloth. These are effective to clean deep into your pores and pull all of the makeup, sunscreen, chemicals, cosmetics out. It is clear and thorough, does not leave traces on the skin, does not cause irritation to the skin.

It is recommended to add some warm water to wet this remover pads gently removing makeup in a circular motion 

Washable and Save Your Money: Reusable bamboo cotton rounds are washable, you can put the pads into the laundry bag. This helps to avoid the pads disappearing in the washer, regular wash and reuse.

Easy drying and hanging in the shower. * pls 30-40°C Wash;

Do not Tumble dry; Do not Bleach; Do not Iron. 

Who’s up for creating a more sustainable skin routine?