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Acu Masque 60ml ®

Ideal for blemish-prone and congested skin. Acu Masque is a versatile at-home masque that works for oily, dull, or inflamed red skin. A cult hero! Acu Masque is for all skin conditions including red inflamed skin, acne and congestion, as well as sensitive skin that needs a deep clean. This Masque helps to combat toxins while assisting to clear and soothe the skin. The masque uses bentonite which absorbs toxins, pulling out impurities and congestion without harsh drying or stripping of the skin. Designed with nature’s ‘beauty mineral’ sulphur, this versatile masque helps to maintain a clear and youthful complexion and manage acne. For more products please CLICK HERE For more information CLICK HERE.

Key Ingredients:

Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil
Zinc Oxide

How to Apply: Apply to cleansed skin and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and apply prescribed DMK serums, oils, sprays and crèmes.

Therapist’s Tips: Acu Masque’s soothing properties may help itchy, flaky or scabbing skin conditions. Apply the masque over the affected areas, leaving for seven minutes before rinsing off. Can also be used as a soothing cleanser on very reactive skins.

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