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Iluma Brightening Body Lotion


lLUMA Intense Body Lotion offers a powerful solution for areas of discoloration and age spots that develop on the body due to sun exposure and aging. It contains hydrating botanical oils that drench skin with moisture, along with potent brightening agents that time-release deep into the dermis to unveil more radiant, even-toned skin from the neck down. SIZE – 177ml Why It Works: – Replenishes dry skin with moisturising oils – Boosts luminosity, targets dark spots and promotes even skin tone – Creamy, luxurious formula leaves skin smooth and soft How To Use: Apply liberally to cleansed and exfoliated skin daily. Do not use on the face. THE IMAGE WAY Hand and body treatments provide targeted care for the skin below your face. Apply after cleansing and exfoliating. Don’t forget PREVENTION+® SPF moisturizer when exposed to the sun. OUR PRO SAYS Create a two-step pampering treatment for smooth, radiant skin. Buff away dry skin with BODY SPA exfoliating body scrub before applying ILUMA intense brightening body lotion.

Can be used both morning and evening to thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated skin. Should not be used on the face.

Pro Tip: Use on darker areas of body such as knees and elbows, following BODY SPA rejuvenating body lotion.

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