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Super Bright ® 60ml

Super Bright is an advanced technology night crème designed to aid pigmentation and brighten the skin. An advanced technology night crème. Super Bright is designed with a superior blend of botanical ingredients that work to assist the revision of pigmentation and to brighten the skin. This moisturising rich formulation is a natural alternative to bleaching products without the possible harmful toxic side effects. Super Bright works to rejuvenate and revise skin that experiences hyper-pigmentation. It is prone to pigmentation, or is dark, dull or sun-damaged. For more products please CLICK HERE For more information CLICK HERE.

Key Ingredients:

Kojic Acid
Licorice Root (Glycyrrihiza Glabra Root Extract)
Ursolic acid
Phytic acid
White Mulberry (Morus Alba Root Extract)

How to Apply: Apply to cleansed skin. To be used at night only. A second layer may be applied to heavily affected areas.

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