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Pregnancy Safe


Super Serum ® 30ml

Super Serum is a Hydrating Antioxidant for All Skin. Combines peptides, the immune-boosting benefits of beta-glucan, and the collagen-enhancing effects of vitamin C to strengthen and repair the skin. Super Serum is hydrating, antioxidant, and skin conditioning. It will improve the overall appearance and health of the skin and protect from photodamage and premature aging. SUITED FOR: This is for clients of all ages with acne, injuries/burns, eczema, sun damage, premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, scarring, or hyper-reactive skin. PRESCRIPTION NOTES A high concentration of active ingredients makes Super Serum ideal for clients undergoing Skin Revision treatments or surgical procedures. It is a suitable alternative to the Beta Gel and Direct Delivery Vitamin C combination. Use while traveling, on younger clients, or for those who have budget constraints. May be used on face and body. Use AM and PM or as directed by a DMK Professional. For more products please CLICK HERE For more information CLICK HERE.


Lightly massage 2–3 pumps of serum into cleansed skin. Apply to any localized treatment area or the face, neck, and décolletage, including under the eyes.
Follow with DMK oils, sprays, transepidermal creams, barrier support, and SPF.

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