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IPL Vein

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IPL Vein

The IPL Vein Treatment begins with a comprehensive consultation to assess the individual’s specific needs. Following the consultation, a patch test is conducted 24 hours prior to the actual treatment to ensure compatibility and safety.

During the IPL Vein Treatment, intense pulsed light (IPL) is utilised to convert light energy into heat energy, which effectively coagulates the blood in the targeted veins. Subsequently, the body naturally breaks down and eliminates the coagulated blood, resulting in clear and rejuvenated skin. The number of treatments required may vary depending on the size of the veins, typically ranging from one to two sessions.

What does the IPL Vein Treatment offer?

Our Treatment offers a range of options to address different areas of concern. These include full face treatment, as well as specific focus on the nose and cheeks or solely the nose.

Clients can expect a swift and efficient procedure when undergoing IPL treatments for thread veins. Typically, a small area can be treated within a time frame of 25-30 minutes. This duration encompasses the necessary pre-treatment skin preparation and any subsequent aftercare procedures.

The treatment process commences with a gentle cleansing of the affected area using a mild cleanser and tepid water, ensuring the removal of any makeup or dirt. Following this, a room temperature ultrasound gel is applied to the skin. The actual IPL thread vein treatment itself is brief, lasting only a few minutes. Upon completion, a soothing room temperature aloe vera gel is applied, followed by the application of sunscreen.

Post-treatment care is of utmost importance to ensure optimal results. It is crucial to avoid sun exposure during and after the IPL treatment. Therefore, we strongly advise the consistent use of a high SPF sunscreen. In situations where extended periods of time will be spent outdoors following the IPL thread vein treatment, it is recommended to wear a hat and cover any exposed skin.


In conclusion, our IPL Vein Treatment offers a professional and effective solution for individuals seeking to address thread veins. With a thorough consultation, patch test, and tailored treatment options, we strive to provide exceptional care and achieve desired outcomes for our valued clients.